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Green Your House, Street, City And World!

Urban neighborhoods with high-rise concrete buildings are often gray and drab. Urban Street Forest works to color cities with the planting of vertical forests. We do this by planting trees on the balconies of high-rise apartment buildings. We accomplish this by involving the people who live there, local shops, and local organizations.

For every tree planted on a balcony in your neighborhood, a tree is planted in the developing world to combat desertification. We do this together with the local farmers to help make their lands fertile again. In effect farmers can improve their living and bring more products to market.

Help Us Green The World!

Do you want to plant a tree on your own balcony and at the same time help Urban Street Forest and farmers in the developing world? For every tree bought, we plant a tree in developing countries!

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Urban Street Forest plants trees with Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future is dedicated to improving the livelihoods of impoverished farmers by revitalizing degraded lands.

Trees for the Future have helped plant trees in an incredible range of environments from coastal areas to mountains, restoring soil that had been unproductive for decades or even hundreds of years.

Visit www.treesforthefuture.org for more information.

Trees funded by Urban Street Forest

Why We Plant Trees To Restore Landscape

Loss of fertile soil is a major problem around the world. About 30% of the Earth’s surface is degraded. Natural areas along with farmland both suffer due to the washing away of the fertile topsoil, caused by deforestation. Loss of topsoil results in failed crop harvests and food insecurity.

But our situation is not hopeless. Planting trees is the first step in the right direction to restoring healthy soil. With the strategic planting of trees along with the building of small dams, fertile soil will be rebuilt and retained. Areas once vacant of plants can become productive again within 10-15 years. By working together with nature and farmers to address both their needs, we help to reclaim local economies by reclaiming the fertile soil!


About Us

Urban Street Forest started with Raymond and Beatrice. They used to be neighbours in the Postjesflat in Slotervaart, Amsterdam, a big, tall and grey building. Together, they had a vision of transforming this vertical village into a vertical forest. The plan was simple: put a tree on every balcony. Their inspiration came from Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the Austrian artist that came up with the concept of tree tenants.

Urban Street Forest Foundation

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